Greg Bowens: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Up For Slaying the Dragons

July 18, 2014, 2:16 PM by  Greg Bowens

Greg Bowens is a public relations professional, free lance writer and a progressive Democrat. 

By Greg Bowens


Sen. Elizabeth Warren came to Cobo Hall today urging progressives to do one thing – fight back.

“The game is rigged and it’s not right,” said Warren. “We can whine about it. We can whimper about it or we can fight back. I’m fighting back.”

It was heartening to hear.

Warren gave a rousing speech to a couple of thousand people attending the Netroots Nation progressive conference Friday morning. The gathering had the trappings of a pre-campaign kickoff complete with bumper stickers, hats and supporters urging Warren to run for president.


Maybe she will throw her hat in the ring and ultimately win, adding the title leader of the free world to her resume. The Democratic senator from Massachusetts has been called many things in her career already. A quick Google search of her name turns up 17,500,000 references.

The lady has a lot of hits.

Today she can add one more description – Paladin of the Progressive Class.

Warren took on all the dragons wreaking havoc across the land. From Wall Street, pharmaceuticals and telecoms “smacking their lips at big trade deals” to “billionaires who pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries,” Warren slew them all.

She killed them with chivalry reminding everyone people come first.

“When conservatives talk about opportunity, they mean opportunity for the rich and powerful. They don’t mean opportunity for someone who works all their life.”

“No one should work a full time job and live in poverty.”

“I can’t believe I have to say this in 2014. We believe in (women having) equal pay for equal work.”

She demonstrated heroism by coming to Detroit, a city swallowed up in the belly of the beast of bankruptcy, with these encouragements.

“When we fight back we win.”
“If we push hard we can win.’
“These are progressive values. These are American ideals. They are worth fighting for.”

Progressives were fired up.

Charles Williams II, president of Midwest region for the National Action Network said Warren’s visit to Detroit “puts Detroit front and center” in the national spotlight.

“We are in the middle of the water fight and bankruptcy,” Williams told me. “The tech generation may not understand derivatives or Wall Street jargon but her language is clear that the playing field is not even.”

That’s exactly what Susana Donahue, 56 and her two daughters Brennah, 17 and Ariana 21 came down from Metamora in Lapeer County to hear from Warren.

“She hit on all the good parts,” Susana told me in an interview after the speech. “I really hope she runs for president because she is a breath of fresh air.’

Her daughters agreed.

“It’s refreshing to see a politician fight for Main Street instead of Wall Street,” said Brennah.

“She speaks for everyone, especially me,” said Ariana who is entering her senior year at Western Michigan University. “I’m dealing with a lot of debt from school. As young people, we try to do the right things but people are coming out of school with all this debt.”

Warren listed getting rid of crushing college debt as something else worth fighting for in the coming year.

The Donahues and a sea of thousands cheered Warren on as she gave one final battle cry before heading off the stage.

“This is 21st century democracy. We are gonna fight for it and we are gonna win,” said Warren.

Fight back.


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