Many Fans Wish Michigan's Jim Harbaugh Good Luck As He Heads to NFL

January 24, 2024, 7:51 PM by  Allan Lengel


Jim Harbaugh, who flirted for a long time with the NFL while coaching at the University of Michigan, finally made his jump back to the pros. 

ESPN reported Wednesday night that Harbaugh, who just finished leading the Wolverines to the national championship in his ninth year in Ann Arbor, has accepted the head coaching job with the NFL's Los Angeles Chargers with a five year deal. The Chargers were 5-12 this season and came in last place in the AFC West.

Harbaugh was the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers from 2011-2014 before coming to U-M. 

Many fans on Wednesday night wished him well on social media.

Here's a sampling of fan reaction on the Facebook page, Michigan Wolverines on 247Sports:

Harold Johnson

Next man up, the ground work has been set. Hopefully he doesn’t take all the assistants with him.

Andy Rodeffer

As a Michigan fan I am saddened; as a Chargers fan I’m ecstatic. I can’t wait to see what he does working with Herbert. I will miss him on Saturdays, though I think he leaves with the program in really good shape.

Larry Noble Jr.

Thank you Coach H for the Natty, beating the TTDS 3 times, along with 3 B1G Titles! Good luck with the LA Chargers and go get that ring!

On the Chargers website

Shane Fuller
Thank you Coach Jim and good luck

Ed Good

Good luck Jim, take Juwann Howard with you. Now

Ryan Purman

Best of luck Coach Harbaugh.Top fan

Julia Clements

Thank you coach. We are champs. You brought great players and allowed freedom of coaches to follow their gut when you weren't able to be there. Set us up for success still!

Jason Hicks

Coach Moore has my vote. He has the sauce & contributed to the results

Gary Simons

Only Big 10 coach to go 15-0 in a season. I will follow the Chargers now, as Jimmy builds a team to eventually win a Super Bowl!

Mike Weigandt

The assistant coaches are the real people behind there head coach. They are the true heroes who made this team who they are.

John Welch
And that my friend is why coach's like Nick Saban and Urban Meyer that stay with their Team after a Championship and try to get another.

Michael Purnia

It would be a very smooth transition if Moore becomes the next head coach.

Carlos J Mora

Thank you coach, now go get your support bowl!

Dean Gibbie

What should be next is a posting for the new AD.

Jason Marlow

So begins the Sherone Moore Era Go Blue!!!

Here's some mixed comments in the Detroit News comment section:


buh bye coach hardblow. A rat leaving a sinking ship.

Laura C

Very grateful to Coach Harbaugh for everything, what a glorious ride. And he's leaving the program in good hands, not just with a championship, but essentially appointing his successor in Sherrone Moore, to ensure the smoothest transition possible as he goes to the NFL to chase his next dream. Go Blue.

Jay M

Yes great hands, with a NCAA investigation that involves the FBI and possible sanctions looming. Who's got it better than us?

David A

Damn at least the drama is over! Going to set us back now

Jack F

The recruits finally know something about next year's coach. It won't be Harbaugh. Maybe they can finally get a coach that won't consider the NFL every year therefore hurting recruiting. No wonder it took 9 years and possibly cheating. Thank goodness he got the right assistants to do the hard work.

On X, formerly Twitter

Spartan fan M.L. Elrick

Anyone in Ann Arbor who didn’t expect Jim Harbaugh to abandon ship before the consequences of his shenanigans hit didn’t see the signs…

California Connections

Harbaugh, 60, has connections to the California. He began his head coaching career at the University of San Diego, then Stanford and eventually coached the San Francisco 49ers before coming to Michigan. He also was the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers for two years.

There were times fans had their doubts about Harbaugh's reign at U of M. But this year the doubts vanished with a perfect season.


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