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Michigan posts snappy names for 300 snowplows, showing public's cleverness

January 12, 2022, 3:04 PM

This state government coverage is politics-free, with nothing more controversial than wordplay that's clever, funny and sometimes corny.

Michigan's Department of Transportation invited schoolkids and residents of all ages to suggest nicknames for its roughly 300 active snowplows and salt trucks. The agency got 15,400 nominations since last winter, and recently posted those picked -- a long list displayed by eight regions.

The names won't go on MDOT's orange road-clearing rigs, sadly, but the lineup is filled with wit (Snowflake), whimsy (Fast and Flurryous), lots of celebrity shouts (Alice Scooper), brand references (Pillsbury Plowboy) and more than a few groaners (Ctrl Salt Delete).

There's even a tribute to a TV legend who just died on New Year's Eve: Betty Whiteout.

(Photo: MDOT)

Other samples:

Steve Icerman
Snow Can Do
Catch My Drift
Clearing Present Danger
The Big LePlowski
Gordie Plow
Scoop Dogg
Darth Blader
Peppy Le Plow
Melton John
Ice Ice Baby
Shock and Thaw
Jon Bon Snowi
Austin Plowers
Edgar Allan Snow
Snowprah Winfrey

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