Ford F-150, and quick-thinking guests, save a Farmington Hills wedding reception

August 19, 2021, 7:20 AM

One household can cope with a power outage, but when the lights go out at a wedding reception? The party's over -- no music, no dancing, no twinkly lights under the tents. 

A pickup truck saves the party. (Video capture)

Rachna Kumar and Etrivel Chandraseka were lucky, though, after that happened to their reception in Farmington Hills last week. Among the newlyweds' guests were Harish Thiruvengadam and Swetha Shailendra, both Ford engineers. And their hybrid Ford F-150, with bed-mounted electrical outlets and the capacity to serve as a generator, was parked across the street. Thiruvengadam got the wiring sorted out, plugged it into the truck and the party roared back to life. 

WDIV reports:

“I mean, everyone was dancing, getting into a groove and we thought it was not the time to go back home,” Swetha Shailendra said.

Was this moment captured on cellphone video? Do you even need to ask? Expect to see it in an ad for the new, all-electric F-150 Lightning -- which according to reporter Rod Meloni has even more powerful generator capability -- before the married couple's first anniversary.

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