Warren fires veteran cop for racist Facebook post that 'will not be tolerated'

June 22, 2021, 8:29 AM

A trash-talking Warren police officer is now an ex-cop because of racist comments on Facebook two weeks ago. He had been on the force 21 years. 

"An investigation that included interviews with the officer was conducted and he was fired Tuesday," Fox 2 reports.

Tamia Brooks: "I was just taken aback." (Photo: Fox 2 video)

Anwar Khan got in an online spat with Tamia Brooks, 23, on a thread about a viral video of a disruptive flyer being arrested at Detroit Metro Airport and carried off a diverted Delta flight June 11. He ranted about Black-on-Black crime, dropout rates, parenting abilities and called Blacks "a group of low-life thugs." 

Brooks sent an image of his later-deleted post to police commanders, who placed Khan on leave June 14. "If something's wrong, I'm going to say something about it," the complainant tells Dupnack. "I was just taken aback."

The station posts a statement from the Macomb force:

"These types of actions will not be tolerated by Commissioner Dwyer or by the City of Warren Police Department. They do not reflect the men and women of this department, nor the values of this department.

"This appropriate action demonstrates how seriously the City of Warren Police Department views statements or acts of racism by any of its members. ... This behavior is simply wrong and strains police-community relationships and tarnishes the men and women of the Warren Police Department who dutifully go to work every day and serve all citizens with pride and professionalism, regardless of race."

Earlier coverage, June 15:

A Warren police officer is on administrative leave and could face discipline for social media comments flagged by an offended resident.

"Tamia Brooks was appalled by what she was seeing, screen-captured it and sent it to the Warren Police Department Monday morning before the original poster deleted it all," WDIV reports.

The unnamed law enforcer and Brooks, 23, bickered about a local news item on a media outlet's timeline, according to the station, which doesn't mention the topic. Brooks "was so incensed by what she saw she did an online search and discovered that he works for the Warren Police Department," MacDonald posts.

In the post, he claims Black people are the most racist in the world, they are all lost, Black-on-Black crime is beyond repair, Black men don’t support their children and continues on, ending it with saying he was glad he wasn't born Black because he'd kill himself.

Commissioner William Dwyer: "Statements like this ... are not tolerated." (Photo: WDIV video)

William Dwyer, the Macomb city's police commissioner, confirms the comments were from "an off-duty officer using his personal Facebook profile," and adds in a statement posted by the station:

The Warren Police Department immediately launched an internal investigation and placed the officer on administrative leave. The Warren Police Department does not condone the use of racist comments by any employees, whether on duty or off duty.

Statements like this erode civilian trust and confidence in the police department and are not tolerated. This allegation is serious and will be thoroughly investigated in accordance with Warren Police Department procedures and the officer's collective bargaining agreement.

The alleged views expressed by the officer do not align with mission, goals and philosophy of the Warren Police Department and in no way reflect on the views of the 200-plus members of the Warren Police Department.

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