Wayne County Clerk says Duggan good for ballot despite prior claim of missing records

April 27, 2021, 10:20 PM

Update, 10:20 p.m. Tuesday:

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is expected to advance to the August primary ballot one day after Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett found a documentation hiccup that could prevent that.

Garrett walked back her initial claim that Duggan had missing campaign finance documents late Tuesday, citing a miscommunication, The Detroit News reports. The change reportedly followed a more thorough review after a lawyer for Duggan's team contacted her office.

Garrett said she met with the county's Campaign Finance Division and reviewed communications between the office and Duggan's campaign committee to reach her new finding.

Duggan's opponent, Anthony Adams, claimed the mayor didn't file an amended fundraising disclosure. Candidates must have both a sufficient number of supporter signatures and their campaign finance documents in order to be certified for the ballot. Certifications are expected to be completed by the end of the week.

Original post, Tuesday morning: 

Anthony Adams, a former deputy mayor of Detroit starting a David vs. Goliath race to deny Mike Duggan a third term, tries a legal challenge.

Anthony Adams: "The law is the law." (Photo: Campaign)

The political rival asks the city clerk to knock the mayor's name off August primary ballots, as the Free Press describes:

Adams ... challenged the certification of Duggan's name on the ballot, claiming the mayor lied on the reelection paperwork he filed last week. Despite attesting that his campaign finance reports are current, Duggan failed to file a complete campaign finance statement in July 2018, according to the challenge Adams' attorney filed with the Detroit city clerk. ...

Duggan's campaign called the challenge "purely frivolous." ...

Campaign manager Alexis Wiley said Monday that the campaign provided a detailed response to the clerk's request for information in September 2018. ... "It's obvious Anthony Adams believes his only hope of beating Mayor Duggan is if the mayor's not on the ballot," Wiley said in a statement. "We are in full compliance with all legal requirements and expect this challenge to be dismissed as without merit."

Adams tells reporter Joe Guillen that the mayor is "in violation of state law and he's also committed perjury by filing a false statement with the election commission. I think this challenge is open and shut. The law is the law." 

City Clerk Janice Winfrey says she awaits a decision by the Wayne County Clerk's Office, which oversees campaign finance filings.

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